Fat Toad Farm Original Caramel wins First Prize!

Original Caramel (cajeta)

Original Caramel (cajeta)

Fat Toad Farm’s Original Caramel won first place in the “Confection” category at the recent 2009 American Dairy Goat Association Competition in Buffalo, N.Y. The national competition features goats’ milk products from cheese to butter to confections.

Fat Toad Farm is a goat dairy in Brookfield run by family members Steve Reid, Judith Irving, Calley and Josey Hastings. Besides the goats’ milk caramel, they specialize in making fresh goat cheeses.

The caramel is sold throughout New England while the cheese is available in Vermont. Both are available through mail order on the Fat Toad Farm web site.

The inspiration for making the caramel came from Josey, who lives in Mexico part time. Caramel sauce, or cajeta, is a traditional and common confection found all over Mexico.

Four years ago, Josey brought home recipe ideas for the caramel and encouraged the family to try them out. What started as a few batches made in the family kitchen is now a business. Today, the family makes three handstirred batches of caramel a week in their new cheese/caramel production room.

The main ingredient in the caramel is goats’ milk from the farm’s 24 milking Saanen and Alpine goats. Organic sugar is added to the milk and the mixture is simmered for four hours until it is a rich, golden, bubbly sauce. It is then bottled and hot water processed. Besides the original flavor, the caramel comes in three other varieties – vanilla bean, coffee bean and cinnamon.

3 thoughts on “Fat Toad Farm Original Caramel wins First Prize!

  1. I would like to buy your caramel goat caramel sauce and the olive chevre goat cheese. I found where to buy the caramel on the website, but could not find anywhere to buy the cheese.

    I live in a Detroit suburb that is a 6 hour drive from Traverse City, MI. You might try Hiller’s Market in the Detroit area.

    Meanwhile please email me the information how to buy 1 caramel sauce and 1 olive chevre goat cheese on your website.

  2. Hi Judy – You can go right to the Toad that’s on the left hand side of our home page of the web site where it says “shop online”. That will take you to our online store where you can buy the caramel. Our cheese will be available online in the near future. Thanks for the idea on a place to sell our products. You can also look on our web site to find the list of stores we sell in around the U.S. Possibly there is one near you.
    If you have trouble with ordering on the web site, just call me at 802-279-0098.

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