Winter Squash and Cajeta

I had been getting bored with the mountains of butternut squash overflowing our spare bedroom. The taste of squash was no longer a seasonal novelty but rather a bland stringy let down. Alas, I roasted yet another squash and looked in the fridge to see what I could use to spice things up. The caramel jumped out at me. Similar to your standard maple syrup and butter combo, but with a nice “twist”. The caramel combined with the squash offers a buttery, melt in your mouth subtle sweetness.

(You can use any winter squash though butternut is particularly good)

1 large winter squash

4 tbsp butter

4-6 oz goat’s milk caramel (Cajeta)

salt to taste

Bake squash at 350 until you can pierce a fork through it (30-45 minutes).

Let cool for 15 minutes.

Scoop out squash.

Mix in butter, caramel and salt.

Serve hot.

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