Horseradish and Maple Chèvre

One day at the farmers market, while taking a break from selling our farm’s products, I wandered into a woman’s booth where she was concocting a new food creation. She had taken maple cream (a thick cooked down version of maple syrup) and freshly ground horseradish and mixed them together.

The combination was surprisingly wonderful. I decided to try this at home with our maple chèvre and fresh horseradish from the garden which tends to be quite mild in the spring. I loved the resulting flavor. I suggest putting it on crackers and bread but it’s also great added to squash soups or mashed potatoes.

8 oz maple chèvre

1 tsp finely minced horseradish

With a wooden spoon or mixer cream together maple chèvre and minced horseradish.

Let sit for several hours to let flavors emerge.

Serve with crackers or fresh bread.

Use as a topping for squash soup, pureed squash or mashed potatoes.

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