Well, I’ve got the luxurious deal today — I got to sleep in! My sister, back from her other life in Mexico, is here to rescue us. That translates to her taking over one early morning of hanging cheese. We have been looking forward to June for a while. My sister and cousin both just arrived and will be here working part time for the rest of the summer. It has been a busy spring with just the three of us and we are ready for a bit of a break.

The summer market in Montpelier is back and we have been very happy to see all the old faces from last year’s season and of course to meet so many new people. It is an outstandingly vibrant and upbeat market. It happens every Saturday in the parking lot behind Julio’s from 9-1. Sundays have become garden mania day! It’s the whole full day that I can commit to the veggies in my life. This is the first year we should be getting strawberries which is incredibly exciting. I can’t wait to freeze them and have them all year round. We pretty much survive on frozen blueberries all winter long so this will be a nice change of pace. We are planting a three sisters garden once again with blue flour corn, beans and delicata squash. Josey (who lives part time in Mexico) has become quite good at making homemade corn tortillas. They may appear at the market one of these days you never know.

Oh and of course I have to mention the cutest goat in the world that was born. We found her out in the pasture a few days ago. She was up and about and all cleaned up by the time we got there. Her mother’s name is Evangeline and this is her first year kidding. So, the names in the running for her new baby girl were: Eva, Evangelette and Raven. But we were walking past the garden to bring her back to the barn and I spotted the first orange poppies flowering and so Poppy she was named. I think she’s pretty much the cutest thing except for the one that was born two weeks before her…. Well, I guess they are all pretty damn cute! We have another 9 to go for this second kidding season- we’ll keep you posted!


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