The Ultimate Gift Box

‘Tis the season to start thinking about the holidays. Many people have remarked that the caramel has been an excellent gift for friends and family though they have the hardest time deciding which flavor to give. So, we have a created a wonderful gift box that includes all four flavors of caramel (original, vanilla bean, cinnamon and coffee). The variety of caramels come in a beautiful wooden box that was made 10 miles down the road from us at Vermont Wooden Box Company in Randolph, VT. The box is stained and has a sliding top and can be used for many other things once the caramel has been eaten up. Please contact us to have a gift box shipped to you.

Unit price:

1 box $40.00 (does not include shipping and handling charges)

2 thoughts on “The Ultimate Gift Box

  1. Steve,
    The gift box of Cajeta that we got from Tim and Hannah for Christmas is great. Tonight Mary and I made “fancy” ice cream sundays with vanilla ice cream, cajeta, rainbow sprinkles and two cherries on top! Probably not a recipe that you will share with the foodies out there, but delicious none the less.

  2. I found this website from google and read your posts. I just add your rss to my Google Reader. Keep up your good work friend. I’m Looking forward to read more post from you in the future. Thanks…

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