Labor Day Gift Box Sale!

Labor Day Gift Box Special!  Check out Fat Toad Farm’s classic small gift box with a new twist inside – one 8oz jar of our beloved Original goat’s milk caramel, alongside two 2oz jars – one Cinnamon and one Salted Bourbon. Our velvety caramel sauces (also known as Cajeta) combine creamy caramel richness with the subtle tang of goat’s milk to create an utterly unique, not-too-sweet dessert sauce.

Click HERE to snap it up!

Labor Day Gift Box Sale


Farmer Steve & His Goats

Just wanted to take a minute to highlight Farmer Steve – one of the unsung heroes behind Fat Toad Farm.  Steve is the first one up in the morning around here and keeps right on trucking (tractoring?) until the sun goes down.

Lately, Steve has been buried under giant mountains of hay.  He has personally chucked and overseen the meticulous stacking of roughly 2,600 bales.   In case you were not aware, hay stacking is a precise science – ask Steve if you’re interested in the details, but only if you have 40 minutes for the long version that may also include the history of haying in Vermont and the merit of square bales over round ones.

Anyhoo – HATS OFF TO STEVE!   …And a special thanks from the goats who are psyched to have so much food “in the bank” for the chilly winter months — they sing the Fooooood! Glorious Fooooood!  song from Oliver each time a load of hay goes by.

Bring on the snow!  We’re ready.  (Not really, though, not yet, still enjoying the green and the sun.)

Steve & goats-glow

Help us out by taking a quick survey?

Hi!  We have created a very quick survey (only 9 questions!) in order to collect feedback from our fans and followers to help us plot the future of Fat Toad Farm.   Take the survey and enter to win a Toad-all Cute Caramel Gift Box!  Survey ends Sunday, August 11th, two winners will be selected at random Monday, August 12th.

Here’s the link to the survey:

…Also Flurry (daughter of Snow) will be your best friend.

Thanks so much for your help!