Spring has Sprung!

By Sophie Gould

Spring has finally arrived in full force here in Brookfield. The bleak ending of winter, gray and white has been replaced with an explosion of colors. Our flower gardens, freshly mulched are speckled with yellow, purple and red. The trees are budding, and green has become the predominant color of the land. With each passing day the grass gets longer beckoning the goats to come and graze upon it. Our little goat kids are also growing up quite quickly. Several are now over forty pounds and are eating grain in the specially designed “creep” area. Outdoor projects are numerous now that the ground is completely thawed and the weather is warmer. Our greenhouse is being constructed over the back garden plot. Not only will there be plants grown in it throughout the spring and summer months but it will also serve as a season extension for the winter. Although there is a lot of work yet to be doe, at least the warmth and colors fill us with optimism for the future.